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  • Nicole

    CEO, Founder

    Nicole is a 16-year tech vet, and MIT Global Entrepreneurship fellow with a blended career in programming, Analytics, Data Science, strategy, and marketing.

    One of my favorite places is the library. Through books I fell in love with science, and the possibilities of transforming information into knowledge. Despite a childhood goal to become a botanist, and notable performance in science, I ended up teaching myself to code while studying Sociology. Quartolio is the convergence of my passion for people, science, and technology.

    Probably Find Me: Traveling, Hiking, Trying new things
    One Time: I met two wolves in the woods, it went well.

  • Hima

    CIO, Co-founder

    Hima Tk is a MIT Global Entrepreneurship fellow with an MBA, a degree in Electrical Engineering, and experience in Data Science, Product Development, and AI.

    I've always felt at home in science. My love affair with science grew to a love for robots, and led to a career in electronics engineering. My final year project in engineering was building a wheelchair robot with automatic navigation to aid people with various disabilities. I'm passionate about using science to solve humanity's biggest challenges.

    Probably Find Me: Reading, Traveling, Collecting new experiences
    One Time: I took refuge in a cave during a storm while hiking the Inca Trail.

  • Cassandra

    CRO, Co-Founder

    Cassandra is a Six Sigma Black Belt with more than 10 years of experience in finance, and an MBA.

    Whether I was investigating the shoreline for sea creatures or in a lab examining plant cells, I've always been fascinated with science. After high school, I went to college to study Biochemistry. Ultimately, my explorations grew to include the financial sector where I spent over 10 years in Banking, researching various industries and analyzing financial data.

    Probably Find Me: Cooking, Baking, Traveling
    One Time: I won the lottery and it changed my life.


Veronica Guzman

WAM Ventures

NYU Stern

Dr. Janis Eells

Director Pharmacology/Toxicology Lab

University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Dennis Rudnick

Associate Director of MCE & Research

Indiana University

Dr. Rania El-Khawam


Northwell Health