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Researchers use Quartolio to connect, discover, and manage knowledge with the power of AI.

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Free data
from silos


In a single platform, easily explore millions of Open Access articles enriched with contextual metadata.


Gain insights from public datasets with automated analysis that connects rows of data to the papers that you read

Clinical Trials

Leverage knowledge from AI-powered annotations to recruiting, in progress, and completed clinical trials.


Understand the path from paper to patent with curated insights for your expertise and across disciplines.

the dots

Quartolio builds an intelligent taxonomy for documents and data at every stage of the research cycle, learns how they all connect, and shares that knowledge with you.

Whether your research flow is driven by visuals or text, Quartolio provides a view of connected research that best suits you.

You gain deep context that makes more research discoverable in less time.

Connect The Dots


Responsive Recommendations

When you discover research with Quartolio you get one step closer to your next discovery. Quartolio learns from your personal collection of research, and makes recommendations of research from thousands of journals and repositories right in your dashboard.

Intelligent Taxonomy

Navigate and collect the key topics, facts, treatments, methods, people and places in your world of research. Quartolio learns about what's important in your field, and shares sources based on context instead of citation counts.


AI-powered Research

Knowledge To The Power of You

Human Intelligence

Whether you're reading or publishing scholarly content, you're contributing to a wealth of collective knowledge that has the power to advance your work and transform the world.

Machines can never replace human curiosity, but Quartolio gives you more time to put your knowledge to work.

Artificial Intelligence

It's impossible to read and gather insights from all of research.

So, we imagined what you could do when we use AI to unlock the data inside all the articles that you simply don't have time to read, then share that knowledge with you.

Augmented Insight

Quartolio augments the knowledge that you already have by helping you see and experience research in a way that multiplies the potential for your next breakthrough.

Don't search,discover

Save time wondering if you have the right search terms, and dive right in to relevant topics.

Atrial Fibrillation Card Atrial Fibrillation Folio


Get one step closer to your next discovery with an intelligent aggregation of all the sources for your topic. See insights about the collective knowledge in your field in one place.

Folio Preview


Go beyond the abstract, and explore all the key topics, diseases, treatments, methods, and people inside an article before you start reading.



Visualize your topic's taxonomy with a deep dive or relevance view.



Explore an intelligent taxonomy of your research topic, and get a quick view of what's important in your world of research.



Compare multiple articles in one view, and see how they're connected.



Manage all the research that you collect, organize your projects, and view curated research recommendations based on you.


your work

We've tapped into millions of Open Access articles, public datasets, and clinical trials to provide you with the knowledge that you need to advance your work.

You'll never be required to upload your own work to use Quartolio.

your citations

Transform your citations into knowledge that connects you to relevant research from millions of sources in a single location.

Quartolio learns from your collection of citations, and makes recommendations that you can access in your dashboard. Import citations from most reference management tools with formats like BibTeX and RIS.

"Quartolio has the potential to revolutionize research and discovery."

Dr. Janis Eells, Director of Pharmacology/Toxicology Lab, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Elevate your work while saving time

Quartolio For Industry Reseachers


Improve your workflow with personalized tools

Quartolio For Medical Reseachers


Keep up on the latest with curated research

Quartolio For Government Reseachers


Curate research for your projects

Quartolio For Citizen Reseachers

Citizen Scientists

Feed your passion for knowledge

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