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Who We Are

Passionate Knowledge Engineers reimagining research discovery for a better world

Our Vision

Building the world’s most responsive semantic AI to solve humanity’s most pressing scientific challenges sooner

Our mission is to help researchers get one step closer to changing the world with their next discovery or innovation

Our Approach

Quartolio is responsive research informatics. Like the organisms that inspire it, our proprietary platform learns and evolves its understanding of the scientific world through the documents that its community creates.

Synthesis, Quartolio’s AI stack, transforms documents into data points, forming contextual research insights based on knowledge uncovered in zettabytes of science.

Beyond search, scientific Big Data holds answers to some of the world’s most complex scientific questions. Quartolio puts those answers at your fingertips. Automated computation and curation give you and your team advanced insight and more time to focus on what matters most.

Quartolio provides labs of 1 to 1000+ with scalable, scientific Insights as a Service based on scientific documents that you already trust.

Transformative Tech That Leaps Beyond Traditional Tools

Advanced Semantic Computing

Quartolio learns how scientific concepts are connected, what they mean, why they’re important, and how they can help


24/7, Quartolio forms computationally curated collections of R&D insights, leads, and documents on STEM disciplines

Insight Engine

Access responsive research leads with an intuitive insight engine that fits the scope of the problem you need to solve

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Quartolo’s origin story began decades ago with a bite from a tick. Quartolio was founded based on the understanding that the answers and solutions we get from our doctors and scientists are largely dependent upon the amount of knowledge they can acquire from the latest research. Yet, every year researchers only have time to read 0.01% of the scientific research that’s published.

Founder, Nicole Bishop experienced this firsthand, after spending decades being misdiagnosed with an array of conditions until meeting a doctor who had done research on Lyme disease. Leveraging a 16-year career in tech, a passion for all things STEM, and obsession with the organization of knowledge, Quartolio was born.

Our journey began at MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship program, leading to the NYU Steinhardt EdTech Accelerator, and investment from leading biotech investors IndieBio and SOSV. Quartolio exists to solve the impossible for doctors and scientists around the globe: synthesizing insight from hundreds of millions of scientific documents to uncover the next scientific breakthrough, sooner.

Our Credo

Be Curious

Transform curiosity into tools for good

Do Good

Amplify knowledge for the greatest global outcomes


Fuel the virtuous innovation loop

Knowledge Engineers

Nicole Bishop Founder & CEO

My Nguyen Head of AI

Ashley Bishop Head of CX

Investors & Partners

Camelback Ventures
Village Capital
28-07 Jackson Ave,
Long Island City, NY 11101
28-07 Jackson Ave,
Long Island City, NY 11101

Built in NY

And wherever you call home

Quartolio is built for and by the curious; the I’m up for that, challenge takers, and I’ll fix it, code breakers. If you’re a Knowledge Engineer working in development, data, or design, we’d like to hear from you. We are a distributed team headquartered in Long Island City, NY with frequent trips to SF. Remote workers welcome. Contacts us at team@quartolio.com.